Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

SiriusXM Teams up with Visa
Press Release

SiriusXM announced that it’s working with Visa “to enable Visa account holders to pay for coffee, gas, parking”, and movie tickets from within a user’s vehicle.

The SiriusXM eWallet will be made available on SiriusXM connected vehicles and will allow users to “activate and authenticate payment with their Visa account using biometric authentication, like voice and touchscreen commands”.

Microsoft Partners with Kroger
Press Release

Microsoft announced that it’s partnering with Kroger to help “redefine the customer experience and introduce digital solutions for the retail industry.”

Through the partnership, “Kroger will pilot a connected store experience and together with Microsoft, jointly market a commercial Retail-as-a-Service product to the industry.”

Projects in the partnership include Scan, Bag, Go technology, Virtual Store Manager Systems, and Inventory Management systems.

PizzaHut Plans to Expand its Beer Delivery Service
Company Blog Post

The pizza chain announced that it’s expanding its beer delivery program.

The company looks to expand the service to approximately 300 new locations by mid-January including areas in Florida, California, and Arizona.

Pizza Hut plans to expand to over 1,000 locations by the 2019 Summer season.