Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Amazon Announces Shipment Zero
Company Blog Post

The eCommerce marketplace announced in a company blog post that it plans to “reach 50% of all Amazon shipments with net zero carbon by 2030.”

The company has already worked on several sustainability initiatives in renewable energy and reusable packaging. Amazon stated that it has over 200 scientists, product designers, and engineers focused on leveraging its scale for the benefit of its customers and the planet.

Shipment Zero looks to help the organization with its long term goal to fully operate 100% in renewable energy.

Apple Launches a Career Development Program in Oakland
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The technology company announced that it is partnering with Dream Corps, an initiative that looks “to help 100,000 young women and men from underrepresented backgrounds find success in the tech sector.”

The program looks to focus on the Swift programming language with the purpose of providing students with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to enhance their career prospects.

The program is set to launch later this year with plans to expand to other cities across the United States in the future.

General Motors Adds eBikes to its Portfolio
News Release

In an effort to expand its business, the automaker announced that it will be launching a new eBike brand called ARIV.

The company will be taking preorders on two eBikes, one which is compact, and the other which is foldable. Each model will provide pedal-assisted speeds of up to 25 kph, with a distance of approximately 64 kilometers on a single charge.

The new bikes were engineered and designed at its GM facilities in Michigan and Oshawa, Ontario. ARIV will initially be available in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.