Friday, March 29th, 2019

Verizon Looks to Combat Robocalls
Press Release

The telecommunications company announced that it’s deploying tools for customers to help identify and block robocalls.

All postpaid wireless customers with a compatible device can enroll in the free program that provides an alert for calls that are considered spam and also block robocalls based on their preferred level of risk.

Customers who need an extra level of protection can purchase a $2.99 a month plan that identifies unknown callers, enables users to create a personal block list, and access a spam number lookup feature.

Domino’s Celebrates its 10,000th International Store
Press Release

The pizza chain announced that it has opened its 10,000th location in Shenzen, China.

The 1,300 square foot store is the 200th location in mainland China.

According to a company press release, the brand “operates in more than 85 markets worldwide, with more than half of its global retail sales coming from international stores.”

Amazon Expands its Austin Tech Hub
Press Release

The technology giant announced that it has expanded its headcount to 800 new tech roles in its Austin location.

The jobs will be in the areas of research science, software and hardware engineering, and cloud computing.

According to a company press release, Amazon “has created more than 22,000 full-time jobs in Texas and since 2011 has invested over $7 billion in the state, including infrastructure and compensation to its employees.”