Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Samsung Invests in Future Growth
Company Press Release

The company announced that over the next three-years it looks to invest in areas of artificial intelligence, 5G, automotive electronics components, and biopharmaceuticals.

Reuters reports that the investment is the first of its kind at the company.

The total planned investment is $22 billion.

Airbnb Announces an Update to its Great Wall of China Promotion
Press Release

The company announced that it will no longer move forward with an essay competition that offered winners a chance to spend an evening on the Great Wall of China.

According to the BBC, the decision to pull the competition was partly due to concerns to potential structural damage and lack of approval from authorities.

It has since stated that it will focus on working on a range of other China destination experiences.

New Relic Launches a Joint Venture in Japan
Press Release

The company stated that it has signed a definitive agreement to establish a new joint venture in Tokyo, Japan.

New Relic will be working with Japan Cloud, a company that has led successful Japan joint ventures for companies looking to establish a presence in Japan. Its clients include Salesforce, Concur, and Marketo.

The partnership looks to help New Relic meet the demands of a growing number of Japanese companies that are looking to solve business-critical issues around mastering the complexity of modern software.

GM Expands its In-Dash Fuel Payment Network

According to Engadget, Buick 2017 and newer vehicle models are now equipped with the ability for drivers to pay for their gas from within their in-dash operating system at select Exxon and Mobil stations.

The feature already works on Chevy models. GM plans to expand the offering to other model fleets.

The report outlines that one of the added benefits of an in-dash payment system is to deter the growing threat of card skimming at gas stations.