Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Youtube Invests in Online Learning
Youtube Blog Post
Youtube 2018 Priorities Update Blog Post

The company announced that it’s investing $20 million to help “support education focused creators and expert organizations” in creating content for the platform.

With the rise of Youtube as a destination for learning, the company stated that the funds will be used to assist and support educational creators, and form partnerships with leading learning institutions.

Ford Expands its Autonomous Vehicle Business
News Release
Company Blog Post

The automobile manufacturer announced that it’s expanding its self-driving business unit to Washington DC.

According to a company blog post, the move is focused on “exploring how self-driving vehicles can be deployed in an equitable way across the various neighborhoods that make up Washington, D.C., and in a way that promotes job creation.”

The company is expected to operate its autonomous vehicles in the city by 2021.

Mastercard Looks to Develop Environmentally Friendly Cards
Press Release

The company announced that it’s working towards establishing a Greener Payments Partnership with three other card manufacturers that aim to “‘reduce first-use PVC plastic in card manufacturing.”

According to The Nilson Report, approximately “six billion plastic payment cards are made each year.”

The new initiative looks to improve upon those numbers through the use of environmentally friendly alternative materials.