Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Fiat Chrysler Submits a Proposal to Merge with Renault
Press Release

The combined business would produce estimated sales of 8.7 million vehicles making it the 3rd largest global carmaker.

According to a company press release, the 50-50 merger proposal would help place both organizations in a strong position to focus on new technologies including electric and autonomous driving.

Nvidia Unveils New Laptops
News Release

The technology chipmaker announced that it’s rolling out a line of 17 new laptops that will run its RTX graphics processing units combined with its new Nvidia Studio platform.

The new product line looks to cater to creative professionals who need high-performing PCs for their projects and tasks including video editing, graphic design, and photography.

According to the company, the laptops will be made by the company’s manufacturing partners which include Acer, ASUS, and Dell. Prices are set to start $1,599 placing it in the competitive price range of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Apple Looks to Enhance its Canadian Maps Experience
Company Announcement

The technology company stated on its website that it has started on capturing Canadian road details, signage and landmarks in an effort to create an accurate and useful Apple Maps experience.

The company stated that the information collected will be worked on by its team at its headquarters and the data will be published in a future product update.