Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Amazon Launches a Professional Beauty Marketplace
Amazon Business Blog

The technology company announced that it has launched the Amazon Professional Beauty Store, an ecommerce offering that gives beauty stylists access to professional-use products typically found in salons and spas.

The move looks to help ease the buying process for professionals in the space. Stylists looking to get access to the new marketplace will require a license, such as a state-issued cosmetology license, to purchase products.

Reebok Launches a New Maternity Line
News Release

The sportswear brand unveiled its new line designed for mothers, and moms-to-be.

According to the company, the collection will offer leggings and tank tops. The move comes at a time when the company is expanding on its clothing options for women.

The new line is available in the United States and is expected to roll out globally before the end of the year.

7-Eleven Expands its Delivery Offering
Press Release

The convenience store retailer stated that it’s launching an option for customers to receive deliveries of items such as slurpees in under 30-minutes.

Customers wishing to explore this option will be able to open the 7-Eleven app and have their goods delivered at locations such as parks, beaches, and sports fields.

The company first launched a delivery option in Dallas in 2017. The offering has since grown to over 25 markets including Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California.