Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Target Looks to Add Extra Space for More Toys
Press Release

The company announced that it’s devoting “nearly a quarter-million square feet of new space for toys across more than 500 stores”.

In addition to the increase in toy space, the company stated that it’s also adding in 2,500 new toys which are nearly double of what it stored last year.

The move hopes to fill the void left by Toys R Us in the upcoming holiday season.

The Los Angeles Clippers Introduce CourtVision
News Release

The NBA sports team announced that it’s introducing an augmented reality viewing experience that leverages machine learning and data visualization technology.

The new CourtVision viewing experience will be available to “FOX Sports Prime Ticket subscribers via the FOX Sports mobile application.”

CourtVision allows viewers to see real-time data, and augmented reality features layered over basketball games showcasing data points such as shooting percentages, graphics, and special effects. The viewing experience will be powered by technology supplied by “Second Spectrum”, a sports analytics and data visualization startup.

Gillette Looks to Offer Consumers Personalized 3D Printed Razors
News Release

The company announced that it’s piloting a new concept that allows consumers to personalize their shaving razors.

The project will allow individuals to create a “limited quantity of 3D-printed razor handles available to U.S. consumers” starting at $19.

The initative looks to leverage 3D-printing technology developed by Formlabs, a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer.