Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Accenture Expands its Chicago Office
News Release

The global management consulting firm announced that it’s expected to expand its innovation hub by adding 600 new highly-skilled tech jobs by 2022.

The company plans to occupy seven floors at its Chicago office which is expected to bring together over 6,200 employees at its Accenture Tower location.

Accenture stated that its Chicago Innovation Hub is part of a network of 11 Innovation Hubs across North America in cities including Toronto, Seattle, and Atlanta.

Mastercard Teams up with Evolve Bank
Press Release

The financial services firm announced that it’s working with Evolve Bank to help hourly and gig workers access their wages earlier.

Mastercard stated that it will be integrating Mastercard Send, which is the company’s push payments solution that enables instant pay advances to workers who receive paychecks at non-traditional schedules, such as those working in the fast-growing gig-economy.

Lime Partners with Hyperwallet
News Announcement

The on-demand electric scooter rental company has teamed up with PayPal’s Hyperwallet to handle outbound payments to its network of freelancers called “Juicers” who “charge the company’s fleet of scooters.”

Lime’s global scooter rental platform is available in over 100 cities around the globe.

The move is expected to help its Juicers get paid quickly and conveniently through multiple payout methods.