Monday, June 25, 2018

Shopify Inks a Deal with Another Canadian Province for Online Marijuana Sales
LDB Announcement

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada starting on October 17th.

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (or LDB) will be the sole wholesale distributor, and the public retailer, of non-medical cannabis in the province of British Columbia.

The LDB announced last Friday that it has selected Shopify as the e-commerce platform that will handle the online sale of non-medical cannabis to the public. The online store is expected to launch early in the Fall. As part of the deal, Shopify will create two separate websites, one for customers and another for retailers.

The LDB also announced that has secured a 6,500 square-meter distribution center which will employ 130 staff who will be focused on logistics, shipping and receiving, and customer care.

Last February, the province of Ontario announced that would also use Shopify as the e-commerce platform to facilitate recreational online marijuana sales.

Uber Fights to be Able to Operate in London

According to Reuters, the company goes to court on Monday in hopes to overturn a decision that halted its operations in London.

In September of last year, Transport for London, the city’s transportation regulator, decided that it would not renew Uber’s license with concerns that the ride-sharing app was unsafe for the public, citing the lack of reporting on criminal offenses and background check practices for its drivers.

The company is expected to appeal the decision and argue that it has made significant changes in how it operates. One of the changes were introduced in February when the company announced that it would launch a 24/7 support line for its users.

Tinder Introduces a Feature That Lets You Connect With Customized Matches
Company Blog Post

Gone are the days when random matches happen on the Tinder app. The company announced on Friday that it is introducing a new feature called Picks; a feature that zeroes in on potential matches that suit one’s personal preferences.

Versions of Picks are available for Tinder premium members and are currently being tested on iOS in markets including the UK, Germany, Brazil, and Canada.

The announcement comes around the same time that the Match Group, Tinder’s parent company announced that it acquired a 51% stake in Hinge, a Tinder competitor.

BBVA Bank Announces a Feature That Lets You Pay with Your Selfie
Company Announcement
Invisible Payments Announcement

Earlier this year, BBVA announced an invisible payments strategy allowing its customers to pay for purchases using biometric data.

As part of that strategy, the bank announced last week that it has deployed a facial recognition payment system which will initially be available for employees who dine at restaurants located within its headquarters. As part of the payment process, registered customers will simply have to smile at a camera next to the cash registers. Users will then automatically be billed for the purchases once their face has been verified

The new payment system is currently offered to employees located at its headquarters in Madrid, Spain.