Monday, July 30th, 2018

Coca-Cola is Testing a New Type of Water Fountain

CNBC reports that Coke is testing a Dasani Purefill filtered water fountain station that charges for add-ons like bubbles and different flavors.

The first station will be available on the campus at Georgia Tech and according to CNBC, the company plans to roll out 20 machines on campuses in 15 states by this Fall.

Users will have the ability to get filtered water for free but will have to pay a fee for add-ons like bubbles or flavor for 5 cents an ounce. Each fill-up will have a 15-cent transaction fee. A regular 20-ounce bottle would potentially cost users $1.15.

The move looks to guide the company against flavored water rivals such as LaCroix and Hint water.

Retailers Are Exploring the Advertising Business

Reuters reports that retailers like Walmart and Target are using customer data to sell ads on its website.

For example, the report states that users who purchase allergy medications are targeted with vacuum banner ads and relating special offers.

The move looks to compete against Google and Facebook in the global revenue ad market.

Viacom Acquires AwesomenessTV
Company Press Release

According to the company, the acquisition looks to strengthen Viacom’s established digital and social relationships and dominance in youth culture.

The GenZ media company will operate under Viacom Digital Studios.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.