Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Four Seasons Announces New Trip Options
Press Release
Private Jet Press Release

The luxury hospitality company announced that guests will have access to journeys to “Angkor Wat, Mexico City, Easter Island and Athens” via its Four Seasons Private Jet which is set to take flight in 2021.

The company’s private jet is a new A321LR aircraft which is part of the new Airbus NEO family and “is being fully customised by Four Seasons” .

Nike Collaborates with Stone Island
Press Release

The sportswear company announced that it’s teaming up with Stone Island to launch two golf wear pieces.

According to Nike, the jacket and crew neck will incorporate “golf-specific utility pockets for balls, tees and gloves.”

The garments are expected to be released globally on July 25th.

Airbnb Partners with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Press Release

The hospitality company announced in a press release that the collaboration looks to “create new economic opportunities for local businesses and broaden the range of Airbnb Experiences available in San Francisco.”

Its Experiences offering provides unique tours and activities that are led by local experts.

The collaboration looks to encourage and educate chamber members on creating Experiences on the Airbnb platform.