Monday, May 21st, 2018

The FDA Approves a Treatment to Prevent Migraines
Novartis Press Release
FDA Press Release

Novartis announced last week that the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a preventive treatment for migraines.

The treatment is called Aimovig and will block certain receptors that play a critical role in migraines.

The new treatment is expected to be made available this week.

Pepsico Voluntarily Withdraws its Listing of Common Stock Shares from the Chicago Stock Exchange
Pepsico Press Release

The reason for the voluntary withdrawal from the Chicago Stock Exchange was made in an effort to eliminate costs associated with dual listings. The withdrawal will be in effect before the end of June.

Last Friday the company announced in a press release that common stock would continue to be available on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

According to Glassdoor, More than 25% of Job Seekers Are Willing to Move to a New City for a New Gig
Glassdoor Press Release
Glassdoor Study

Job and recruiting site, Glassdoor, released the results of a study that outlined that more than 25% of job seekers are willing to move away from their current metro for a new job opportunity.

According to a company press release, the study was based off of a sample of 668,000 online job applications from 40 of the largest metros in the US. The study was taken between January 8-14, 2018.

The study found that San Francisco and New York were top destinations for applicants. San Jose was at 3rd place, Los Angeles at 4th, and Washington DC at 5th place.

Glassdoor’s study found that company culture was a major factor that contributed to a potential move. We attached a link to the study at

The Government of Canada Launches a Fund to Help Reduce the Impacts of Climate Change
Environment and Climate Change Canada Press Release
Calgary Herald

On Friday, the government of Canada announced the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to help communities mitigate against natural disasters and build infrastructure to combat the effects of climate change.

The national program will invest $2-billion over the span of 10 years to help communities against floods, wildfires, seismic events, and droughts.

According to a government press release, from 1983 to 2004, insurance claims in Canada from severe-weather events totaled almost $400 million a year. In the past decade, that amount tripled to more than $1 billion a year.

DialPad Acquires a Real-Time Speech Recognition Company
DialPad Company Press Release
DialPad Blog Post

The company announced last week that it has acquired TalkIQ, a company that uses artificial intelligence to analyze speech in real-time.

The acquisition will provide DialPad business teams with the ability to capture and learn from conversations as they happen.

The acquisition will boost DialPad’s product offerings that will include: real-time call transcription, automated call notes, rreal-time sentiment analysis, and real-time coaching and guides for sales and support teams.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

AT&T Launches a Product That Allows You to Get Products and Services at the Click of a Button
AT&T Press Release
The Verge

AT&T announced last week that it has launched a device that allows users to order products online at the click of a button.

AT&T’s device will be dubbed the LTE-M Button. It’s similar to the Amazon Dash button where users can click on a physical button that would send orders on a customized list of products such as toiletries, and supplies.

The device does not depend on Wifi or Bluetooth to operate.

It’s available now in the company’s Internet of Things marketplace.

Greylock Announces a New General Partner
Greylock Blog Post

The firm announced in a blog post last week that Sarah Guo will be joining Benchmark to focus on quote “helping entrepreneurs create and scale the next generation of important b2b companies.”

Guo’s areas of focus will be on applications, infrastructure, cybersecurity and digital health companies.

Greylock holds current investments in companies such as Airbnb, Coinbase, and Discord. Its past investments include Facebook, Linkedin, and Tumblr.

Ferrari Gets a New CFO
Ferrari Company Press Release
Wall Street Journal

Last Friday, Ferarri announced that it has appointed Antonio Picca Piccon as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Piccon will join the company from the Ariston Thermo Group where he previously held the CFO role.

Piccon will replace Alessandro Gili who will leave the company on May 31st to pursue other career opportunities.

Piccon is expected to start on July 30th.

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