Friday, November 16th, 2018

Nike Opens its Newly Built Flagship Store in New York
News Release

The sportswear retailer announced the opening of its 6-story 68,000 square foot store located in the heart of the city.

Dubbed the “House of Innovation 000”, the retail location offers an engaging and personal shopping experience that utilizes the latest in retail trends including data led inventory showcasing the products that consumers in the local market are buying, scan and go payment technology called Nike Instant Checkout which is similar to Amazon Go stores, and mobile shopping.

The new location opened this week.

American Express Launches a New Feature to Help with Business Expenses
Press Release

The financial services company announced in a press release that it’s launching “American Express Go, a new digital solution to help mid-sized and large companies efficiently handle business expenses for temporary workers, recruits, and employees without Corporate Cards.”

American Express Go gives users the option to make payments via online or through the phone. The new feature also allows companies to create temporary plastic cards for in-person payments.

Businesses who hire freelancers and contractors, such as those in the on-demand industry, would be among the many who would benefit from American Express’s latest solution giving them more flexibility in payments and reimbursements.

JetBlue Uses Facial Recognition Technology
Press Release

The airline company announced that it is rolling out an option for flyers to board their flight by using their face as a boarding pass.

The option will be available at JetBlue’s “first fully-integrated biometric self-boarding gate at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport”.

According to a company press release, “more than 50,000 customers have participated in biometric boarding” since JetBlue introduced the option in Boston and Fort Lauderdale in 2017.