Friday, July 12th, 2019

Amazon Plans to Invest in Upskill Employee Programs
Press Release

The e-commerce giant announced that it plans to invest over $700 million on training programs for its employees to “move into highly skilled technical and non-technical roles” across the company including its fulfillment centers, tech hubs, and retail stores.

The company stated that over the past 5 years, its fastest-growing highly-skilled jobs included data scientists, data mapping specialists, and logistics coordinators.

The company expects that the move will retrain and upskill approximately “100,000 of its employees across the United States” for in-demand jobs by 2025.

Google Pilots a Social Networking Project

The technology company’s innovation incubator, Area 120, launched Shoelace, a social networking app that connects people based off of shared interests through in-person activities.

The company’s website stated that Shoelace is “great for folks who have recently moved cities or who are looking to meet others who live nearby.”

The app is currently available on an invite-only basis in select communities in New York.

Sonder Announces New Funding
Company Blog Post

The hospitality company announced that it’s raising $225 million in new funding.

The new capital is expected to help the company open a “second global headquarters in Canada and hire several hundred engineers, designers, finance and operations experts through next year.”

The company which was founded in 2012, is available in 20 cities around the globe and competes in the same space as Airbnb.