Friday, August 31st, 2018

Apple Looks to Unveil New Products Next Month
Event Page

The tech giant invited media to an event at Apple’s Headquarters on September 12th.

CNBC reports that the company is expected to unveil new iPhone models.

The event begins at 10 am Pacific Standard Time and is available via web live stream.

Snap Appoints a New VP of U.S. Global Business Solutions
Wall Street Journal

Snap has appointed Kristen O’Hara, a Warnermedia executive, to lead the company as vice president of U.S. global business solutions.

O’Hara previously served as Warnermedia’s Chief Marketing Officer for global media.

She will report to Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan. Her role will be effective on September 4th.

Microsoft will Offer Unlimited Device Installs on Office 365 Consumer Subscriptions
Product Announcement

The company announced that subscribers will be able to install Office on an unlimited number of devices.

Office 365 Home users currently have a 10 devices subscriber limit and Office 365 Personal has a two device limit.

The new offer is available to customers on October 2nd.